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KLAIM is a Claim Payment Acceleration Solution dedicated to strengthening the cash flow of healthcare providers, thus empowering them to fuel growth, cut costs & deliver superior service standards

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Eliminate the Uncertainty of Claims Reimbursement

Imagine Waiting for 113 Days for a Reimbursement that may never come. This is the reality for many healthcare providers. In addition to long payment cycles, a staggering 15% of Medical Claims are Denied

Don’t Let The Uncertainty of Insurance Claims Reimbursement Hold You Back

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Upon mutual agreement on the purchase of pending claims, you can expect payouts within 7 Days or even as fast as 24 hours starting from your second month

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Transforming Claims Reimbursement

See how KLAIM has helped healthcare providers like you improve their cash flow and grow their business

KLAIM has a proven track record of delivering fast and efficient insurance claim reimbursements, With Over 150,000 Individual Claims Payments Accelerated.

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Million Claims Paid


Claims Payments Accelerated

Optimize Your Cash Flow with KLAIMGet a Proposal

Optimize Your Cash Flow & Fuel Growth

KLAIM is the solution for healthcare providers looking to maximize their reimbursements and drive growth

Streamline Operations
Grow Your Practice 
Upgrade Your Facility
Attract Top Talent

Optimize Your Cash Flow with KLAIMGet a Proposal

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Review testimonials from satisfied healthcare providers and see for yourself why KLAIM is a trusted partner in the industry

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Regain Control of Your Cash Flow

Take control of your medical billing process with KLAIM’s innovative solutions. Whether you’re a large healthcare chain or a family-owned private practice, our solutions will help streamline your cash flow, reduce costs, and drive profitability. Join us and take control of your healthcare billing process today

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Turn Complex Long Payment Cycles Into Immediate Cash!

KLAIM provides you unrestricted access to working capital, enabling consistent growth and success. Get in touch with us to learn how KLAIM can transform your payment process

Frequently Asked Questions

What is KLAIM ?

KLAIM is a claim payment acceleration solution designed to improve the cash flow of healthcare providers. We purchase pending medical claims from healthcare providers and guarantee quick, seamless payouts.

How long will it take for our claims to get approved and reimbursed ?

Upon signing an agreement, you will receive payment within 7 days. Subsequent claims will have a payout duration of 24 hours.

Is there a minimum time commitment required to use KLAIM'S services ?

No, there is no minimum time commitment. Our services are provided on demand and at the request of the healthcare provider with no long-term commitment required.

Is there a cost associated with obtaining a proposal from KLAIM ?

No, there is no cost associated with obtaining a proposal from KLAIM. You can receive a proposal within 48 hours after registering with us, at no cost to you.

Transform Your Medical Claims Into Cash Today!

Take Control of Your Healthcare Billing with Klaim

Achieve Unparalleled Performance with Cutting-Edge RCM Technology

From minimizing claim rejections to executing automated batch eligibility checks, KLAIM's pioneering revenue cycle management tools empower you to seamlessly run your day-to-day processes

KLAIM Eligible​

Fast and accurate eligibility checks. Save time and money. Boost revenue and patient satisfaction.

KLAIM Inspector​

Smart claim optimization with machine learning. Reduce rejection risk and maximize revenue.


Comprehensive RCM analytics and reports. Get financial insights and submit claims in seconds.


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